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Carbanx provides sensible financing in difficult situations.


Bad Credit

If you have bad credit or have had a string of missed payments, you may still qualify. You should not be denied credit forever, simply because you have been unable to manage your payments. Keeping on track going forward will be the key to a successful stable-credit future.

No Credit

Many people have no credit and never borrowed any money in Canada, and because of this, banks don’t understand how to categorize your risk to them – so instead, they simply won’t finance you. We will consider financing you in these cases, and it’s important that you begin to establish credit now to ensure you have a healthy financial future.


Recent bankrupts are one of our leading specialties. These customers are very unique because despite the fact they are recently bankrupt, that label alone puts them in a category where most companies will not finance them. At Carbanx, we see these customers as our most valuable customers. With no other debts burdening you, we will work with you to provide affordable automotive finance – and no more than you actually need!

New Arrivals to Canada

People who have recently arrived in Canada are excellent customers that we want to deal with. These people find it difficult to obtain financing because they don’t have any credit in Canada, despite that many have excellent credit history back home. These people were previously un-bankable until it was determined that just because they didn’t have a credit history in Canada, that they were not worth of credit at all. Carbanx views these customers as more needing and capable of credit than most other Canadians. Let us Welcome you to Canada, the Carbanx way.


A huge percentage of Canadians are self-employed, either in various building trades or other consulting roles. These people are some of the hardest working Canadians and have the brightest future ahead of them. Simply because they are unable to produce an independent employer relationship and income referral, they are considered a high-risk borrower. At Carbanx, we see these hard-working Canadians in a positive light.


Almost half of all married people in the country end up divorced. The difficulty retaining a positive credit rating through a divorce makes it very difficult for independent people to obtain credit. This coupled with the stress and strain of managing child custody arrangements often results in twice as many vehicles being required for the divorced family. We understand these challenges and will work with you to provide you with the vehicle you need.
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Richard Killen
I have known and worked with the people behind Carbanx for over 20 years – I would recommend them to anyone.
Richard Killen Killen Landau & Associates, Trustee in Bankruptcy
Linda Smith
I recently went bankrupt and needed a car to be able to stay employed. All the car dealerships I dealt with tried to take advantage of me. I found Carbanx through a referral and they understood my needs and truly valued me as a customer.
Linda Smith Scarborough
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